How do I know if my child would benefit from counseling?

Here is a list of some questions to ask yourself if you think you child could benefit from therapeutic services.

  1. Does my child often appear sad or angry?

  2. Does my child lack interest in friends or activities?

  3. Does my child get along well with siblings? Is he/she physically aggressive?

  4. Has my child’s eating or sleeping habits changed? Has he/she gained or lost weight?

  5. Have I received negative reports from school? Have my child’s grades or school attendance declined?

  6. Does my child have difficulty focusing in school?

  7. Has my child experienced changes in the family (marriage, divorce, birth, death, relocation)?

  8. Has my child been the victim of physical or sexual abuse? Have they witnessed physical or sexual abuse?

  9. Would I like to have better communication or a stronger relationship with my child? 


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