Mental Health Services provided by Suncoast Mental Health


Initial intakes, bio-psychosocial evaluations, in-depth assessments, brief assessments for mental status, and treatment planning reviews.
When a client comes in for their initial intake appointment a biopsychosocial history of the client is completed based on information provided by the client and guardian (if a child). After this information is gathered an evaluation is made to determine the appropriate individualized treatment goals and objectives for the client while receiving mental health and/or substance abuse counseling. This treatment plan is a joint effort by client, therapist, and guardian (if a child). After intake, the client’s therapist is assigned. If indicated, a referral can be made for a psychiatric evaluation. A referral can also be made for targeted case management if there is a need for this service. Referrals for intakes can come from the client/family, doctor, school, Department of Juvenile Justice, DCF or other sources.

Comprehensive Assessments

All assessments completed by approved assessors for use by the Child Welfare system to establish placement and disposition of children in care.


Therapeutic sessions provided by a master's degree level therapist including outpatient therapy, school-based therapy, family therapy and group therapy. After intake, the assigned therapist will contact the client/family to set up the first appointment to begin therapy.
Therapy is usually 1 hour per week, with at least one session per month done with the family. Therapy can be in the home, school, office or a combination of these settings. This is based on the needs of the client/family. At times, therapeutic groups are available for the clients and families. Therapy will address mental health and/or substance abuse concerns.

Case Management Services

Our skilled Case Managers help families identify areas in which clients could improve to boost their functioning and quality of life. Case Management assists the client in creating short and long term goals along with providing referrals to resources and other community services to achieve their goals. Most importantly, they implement coordination between parent/guardian, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists, and community agencies to enhance communication and promote consistency ensuring a comprehensive team approach.

Some questions to consider when asking yourself if case management is something that you might want to participate in:

  • Does my child participate in therapy?
  • Would I like to have someone help me advocate for my child in school?
  • Do I need help with locating a medical specialist for my child since he/she has a medical concern or I want my child to see a specialist to determine if a medical condition may/may not exist?
  • Has my child been in trouble with the law and I need advocacy with their probation officer or diversion program?
  • Do I want my child to attend an after school program and I am not sure what is available?
  • Could I use linkage with financial resources?
  • If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions a case manager could help with these concerns you have for your child. Speak to your therapist to discuss case management services and let them know you are interested in learning more about our case management program

Case Management - Suncoast Mental Health Center

Psychiatric Services

Beach Family - Suncoast Mental HealthThe psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner examines the client and completes a thorough psychiatric evaluation, including a biopsychosocial history, to determine the need for prescribed medication. Monitoring of medication by the psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner is a continuous assessment of the effectiveness of prescribed medication for the client’s best interest.  




The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit, national body that oversees the safety and quality of health care and other services provided in accredited organizations.  Concerns or issues can be directed to: The Joint Commission: www.jointcommission.org Fax: (630) 792-5636 Email: complaint@jointcommission.org