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Targeted Case Manager

Suncoast Mental Health Center, Inc.

Position Description 


Targeted Case Manager


Administrator of Case Management/Lead Case Manager





 A Targeted Case Manager performs services for children with mental health issues, in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, professional ethics, Suncoast policy and procedure, and contract requirements.  Targeted Case Managers are expected to be proficient, knowledgeable, and responsible for linking and connecting clients and their families to the services indicated in the client’s service plan.  Services will be provided to clients in the office, home, school, or environment in which problems arise and where issues occur.

A Targeted Case Manager’s performance evaluation will be directly related to how he/she performs the areas of responsibility outlined below: 


  1. Demonstrates the ability to become knowledgeable of available resources in the service area for children and/or adults with serious emotional disturbances. 
  2. Demonstrates the ability to become knowledgeable and comply with all state and federal statutes, and all Suncoast policies that affect the target population.
  3. Demonstrates the ability to be responsible for reviewing the Medicaid Handbook manual and all updated guidelines as they are distributed.
  4. Demonstrates the  ability to be responsible for providing initial and follow-up assessments, initial and follow-up certifications, initial and follow-up service plans, and a signed advocacy form as per agency and Medicaid timelines.
  5. Demonstrates the ability to be responsible for maintaining proper documentation of all case management services provided to clients according to agency policy and Medicaid guidelines.
  6. Demonstrates the ability to be responsible for ensuring services rendered to client within the agency and Medicaid guidelines which can occur in a variety of settings including, but not limited to in the office, in the client’s home, and at the client’s school, as well as attending pertinent meetings on behalf of the client or as the client’s advocate.
  7. Demonstrates the ability to protect client confidentiality in accordance with Florida Statutes and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act guidelines.
  8. Demonstrates the ability to be knowledgeable of the Multi-Disciplinary Team process, and present cases to Multi-Disciplinary Team deemed appropriate.
  9. Demonstrates the ability to be responsible for determining whether a client meets all criteria determined by Medicaid in order to receive case management services.
  10. Demonstrates the ability to be responsible for meeting with immediate supervisor on a monthly basis to review cases, and to attend all scheduled staff meetings.
  11. Demonstrates the ability to staff cases regularly with the client’s therapist and treatment team to ensure that the client receives the highest quality care.
  12. Demonstrates the ability to participate in the treatment planning process with the client’s primary provider and, if necessary, with the treatment team.
  13. Demonstrates the ability to provide input into the treatment process based on the client/family’s involvement and performance. 



Targeted Case Managers will be expected to be able to do the following:

  1.  Report any client/family abuse, in compliance with Florida Statute, immediately to their supervisor and to 1-800-96-ABUSE.
  2. Adhere to the ethical requirements of the profession as outlined by his/her certification, license, and by the agency.
  3. Assure compliance in determining client eligibility.
  4. Function as a team player, both within the specific program and as a member of Suncoast Mental Health Center, Inc.
  5. Serve as a positive role model for clients/families in attitude, attire, professionalism, and responsible behavior.
  6. Participate and be prepared for county and/or targeted case management staff meetings.
  7. Perform other duties as directed by the supervisor.



Education and Experience Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college with a major in counseling social work, psychology, criminal justice, nursing, rehabilitation, special education, health education or related human services field, and have a minimum of one (1) year full-time or equivalent experience working with children with serious emotional disturbances;


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, and three (3) years of full timeor equivalent experience working with children with serious emotional disturbances.

Special Travel is required.  Schedules are subject to change, depending on client needs.
Additional Florida Certification Board approved fifty (50) hours training. Renew prior to expiration with responsibility of fees by employee.

All interested applicants should submit resumes to Suncoast Mental Health Center, Inc. via email click here or fax to 772-466-5578.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit, national body that oversees the safety and quality of health care and other services provided in accredited organizations.  Concerns or issues can be directed to: The Joint Commission: www.jointcommission.org Fax: (630) 792-5636 Email: complaint@jointcommission.org