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Case Management Services

Our group of skilled Case Managers help families identify areas in which children could improve to boost their functioning and quality of life. Case Management assists the child in creating short and long term goals along with providing referrals to resources and other community services to achieve their goals. Most importantly they implement coordination between parent/guardian, teachers, therapist, psychiatrist, and community agencies to enhance communication and promote consistency ensuring a comprehensive team approach.

Case Managers work with each family as a team. We realize that you are the “expert” for what your child could benefit from. Case managers will speak with you to gather information about the needs and desires that you have for your child and for the family as a whole. Sometimes accessing community resources can be difficult so the case manager can assist with understanding the community and what is available for you.

Some questions to consider when asking yourself if case management is something that you might want to participate in:

  • Does my child participate in therapy?
  • Would I like to have someone help me advocate for my child in school?
  • Do I need help with locating a medical specialist for my child since he/she has a medical concern or I want my child to see a specialist to determine if a medical condition may/may not exist?
  • Has my child been in trouble with the law and I need advocacy with their probation officer or diversion program?
  • Do I want my child to attend an after school program and I am not sure what is available?
  • Could I use linkage with financial resources?
  • If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions a case manager could help with these concerns you have for your child. Speak to your therapist to discuss case management services and let them know you are interested in learning more about our case management program.


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